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Introducing the new front runner of the Barestep lineup. After months of development, we have redefined what it means to experience comfort and freedom.
comfort-first and freedom focused design.
Comfort-first & freedom-focused
Durable, non-slip sole.
Durable, non-slip sole
Water resistant and odour resistant materials.
Water resistant & odour resistant
Constructed from vegan leather and BareKnit.
Vegan leather & BareKnit™️

It's super simple. We have two sizing tips which have proven to help our customers find the perfect size:

Pick the shoe size you most commonly wear

If you are between sizes, we would recommend sizing down and going with the smaller of the two sizes

Thousands of customers have joined the barefoot revolution and we have hundreds of five star reviews. These are the average ratings for four important categories:

Too Big
Delivery Time
7 Days
4-6 Days
1-3 Days
Customer Support
Comfort reimagined from the ground up.
BareKnit material
Introducing BareKnit™️
Take on those summer days with the most breathable knit ever in a barefoot shoe. It's also odour resistant!
Smart lacing toggle
Smart Lacing Toggle
Quickly fasten and release your lacing toggle and attach it to the shoe to keep everything streamline.
Enhanced durability
Enhanced Durability
With a stronger upper and thicker sole, we have achieved far greater durability while maintaining barefoot freedom.
All-new design
All-New Design
Now you can take barefoot freedom with you everywhere you go with a more stylish, versatile look and feel.

Comfortable shoes for those who can never find comfortable shoes

Showcasing the flexibility of the Barestep Active 2.0 barefoot shoe.
Designed for natural movement, our shoes bend, flex, and twist in harmony with your every step.
A man climbing in a rugged environment with the Barestep Active 2.0, showcasing its durability.
Creating a durable and rugged shoe was a core focus of the new Barestep Active 2.0.
A woman wearing the Barestep Active 2.0 in a warm environment, showcasing the breathability of the materials.
Breathable Design
Engineered for optimal airflow, every step feels refreshingly cool, ensuring feet remain fresh.
A woman raising her foot, showcasing the sole of the Barestep Active 2.0 barefoot shoe.
Just Slip Them On
Bypass the hassle of laces and buckles. Simply slide into comfort and be on your way in seconds.
Minimal Design
Pure design, pure connection
Moves as you move, effortlessly
Spread Your Toes
Room to roam freely
Machine Washable
Easy clean-up, fuss-free care
Water Resistant
Brave the elements, stay dry
Feather Light
As light as a whisper on your feet
Durability First
Tough build, made to endure
Super Breathable
Air in, sweat out

What our customers are saying about the Active 2.0

Based on 841 Reviews
Most Recent Reviews
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
One pair isn't enough.
2 days ago
This is my second pair, just in a different color. The most comfortable shoes for all day wear.
Sheena Forsyth
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
Prompt delivery
3 days ago
Prompt delivery, sizing info very good. Extremely comfortable especially the wide toe box. Wear them VERY often.
Celia Nichele
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
I found the site informative
3 days ago
I found the site informative, the pictures very clear and I received my order promptly. The shoes are also extremely comfortable. I am also on the mailing list and receive information constantly.
Chris van Deventer
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
For medical people
4 days ago
I have tried many types of shoes. As a Doc I can highly recommend Barestep. After a 24hour shift my feet are still happy as I am walking to my bed...
Theresa Breitensteiner
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
6 days ago
I found the help with my return which was late, due to stock shortages, was handled very well and I am happy with the prompt response received on my queries. The shoes are amazing! I am 72 years old, have had "tired feet and legs" for years and now with these shoes I can walk for much longer without having aches, legs that cramp and feel as if I am trying to lift a ton. It is like walking without shoes at all. My son who is 35, feels the same. He says that he never wants to take them off!!
Paula Hewins
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
I love my new shoes
6 days ago
I love my new shoes! They are the only shoes I have ever worn all day, the day I received them. So comfortable and easy to take off and on. It’s important to me being a senior. I’m unsteady walking, and these shoes make me feel confident and at ease.
Steve Rosenthal
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
7 days ago
I must admit I was skeptical about the shoes but after wearing them now for two days I am genuinely very impressed. I dare say more comfortable then any of my NIKE or One sneakers. Very comfortable h highly recommend especially if you have issues with walking with other sneakers. 5 👍👍👍👍👍 up Date of experience: February 07, 2024
Debbie Bissmeyer
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
Love my Baresteps
7 days ago
Hi, I am 66 years old with a bad back. I have a hard time finding shoes that don’t make my back worse. I love my Barestep shoes! I have three pair! They were instantly comfortable. Just enough arch support! I can wear them all day long and my feet don’t hurt and my back does great with them. Date of experience: January 15, 2024
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
The fit is exactly what I need
7 days ago
The fit is exactly what I need for my unique feet, including the stretchy fabric that it's made of. If only they'd cost less, I'd buy one in every color. Also please try to arrange to have a South African Bank account so we do not have to pay so much extra on bank interest charges. Thanks for a great fitting shoe. Don't stop the manufacturing. Date of experience: January 08, 2024
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
To my rescue
7 days ago
These are the shoes that came to my mom’s rescue after falling and breaking her hip. Her feet were so swollen she couldn’t wear anything else. The soft flexible shoe was easy for her to get into but the support was great too. They really performed when she had physical therapy, providing traction without a huge bulky sole. Every Dr said how great the shoes were and that they would highly recommend them. Now she has two pair. Date of experience: January 15, 2024
Bill Sweet
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
I ordered my first pair of Baresteps in January, 2024
Feb 6, 2024
I ordered my first pair of Barestep shoes in January. I have severe foot pain and can’t walk barefoot. I was looking for something to wear while walking and lifting at the gym. I can’t believe how comfortable my Barestep shoes are. I took them on our trip to Hawaii two weeks ago. I wore them to the beach and the pool. They are so lightweight and give you the feeling of walking barefoot with just enough cushion. They are amazing. The customer support is great, and they have followed up with me several times to make sure I am enjoying my shoes. I hope to order a second pair really soon to wear at home. I wear them every day at the gym. I highly recommend trying a pair. You won’t regret it.
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
Customer service is what makes or…
Feb 5, 2024
Customer service is what makes or breaks a customer! Laura is fantastic and very helpful, almost as comfortable as my Baresteps. I am wheelchair bound but use my legs and feet for navigation. My Baresteps grab the surface whether indoors or outside making my movements perfect. The Baresteps are also comfortable and very lightweight. I love them. Thank you, Barestep.
Rainer Gerhard
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
I like your shoes
Feb 3, 2024
I like your shoes. I bought these as a gift and was doubtful of the size which turned out to be the wrong size. Without any hassle, you arranged the necessary pick-up and I am sure I'll receive the right size delivered early next week. Really great client service.
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
Got my pair and am in love
Feb 3, 2024
Got my pair and am in love. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and the conventional sports shoes made my daily walks unpleasant. However, I put on my new Barestep shoes and wow!! Lightweight, flexible, and breathable. I am in love with Barestep. No pain in my heels just pure comfort. Highly recommend Barestep, you won't regret it.
Alan Commaille
I recommend this product
Verified Customer
I own 5 pairs now
Feb 2, 2024
The fact that I now own 5 pairs of Baresteps, says it all! if we grew up with these shoes, our feet would be in much better condition now.
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