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Barestep Active 2.0
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Our take on the barefoot shoe is a grippy water resistant shoe you can use anywhere, any time on any terrain. It’s more than comfort. It’s freedom.
Comfort-first & freedom-focused
Durable, non-slip sole
Water resistant & odour resistant
Where do you dispatch your orders from?

We dispatch all orders from our warehouse in Linbro Park, Johannesburg.

How long is delivery

We deliver all orders in 2-5 working days to your door.

Are there any delivery charges or additional fees?

Delivery is free! There will be no additional courier charges, duties or fees.

What courier do you use?

To ensure effective delivery nationwide, we use a variety of couriers. Our preferred couriers are Courier Guy, DPD, Dawnwing and Fastway

Do you deliver nationwide?

Yes, we deliver all around South Africa!

It's super simple. We have two sizing tips which have proven to help our customers find the perfect size:

Pick the shoe size you most commonly wear

If you are between sizes, we would recommend sizing down and going with the smaller of the two sizes

Thousands of customers have joined the barefoot revolution and we have hundreds of five star reviews. These are the average ratings for four important categories:

Too Big
Delivery Time
7 Days
4-6 Days
1-3 Days
Customer Support
Comfort reimagined from the ground up.
Introducing BareKnit™️
Take on those summer days with the most breathable knit ever in a barefoot shoe. It's also odour resistant!
Smart Lacing Toggle
Quickly fasten and release your lacing toggle and attach it to the shoe to keep everything streamline.
Enhanced Durability
With a stronger upper and thicker sole, we have achieved far greater durability while maintaining barefoot freedom.
All-New Design
Now you can take barefoot freedom with you everywhere you go with a more stylish, versatile look and feel.
New Release
Active 2.0
The new front runner in the Barestep lineup
New BareKnit™️ upper
Thicker sole & heavy duty construction
Enhanced movement & freedom
Comfort+ design
Previous Model
The original Barestep shoe
Standard upper
Original design and construction
Standard movement & freedom
Original 1.0 design

Comfortable shoes for those who can never find comfortable shoes

Designed for natural movement, our shoes bend, flex, and twist in harmony with your every step.
Creating a durable and rugged shoe was a core focus of the new Barestep Active 2.0.
Breathable Design
Engineered for optimal airflow, every step feels refreshingly cool, ensuring feet remain fresh.
Just Slip Them On
Bypass the hassle of laces and buckles. Simply slide into comfort and be on your way in seconds.
Natural brilliance meets the modern world

What are barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes are designed to emulate the natural shape and function of the human foot. By mirroring nature's design, they empower your feet, unlocking strength and balance you never knew you had.

Unlike traditional shoes that restrict movement and posture, barefoot shoes let your feet breathe, flex, and feel. Ditch the cushioned cages.

this is barefoot bliss

Why 37 819 people absolutely love their Baresteps

The human foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles. Traditional shoes, often more fashion than function, can cramp this intricate system. Barestep ensures every sinew and ligament moves as nature intended.

The Barestep Story

Rediscover Freedom
Rediscover Bliss

Freedom is something we take for granted in our youth, but spend every moment craving as we get older. Every step we take with freedom comes with a sense of bliss.

Our mission at Barestep isn’t just about creating a shoe; it’s about forging a pathway back to the essence of life's simple pleasures. We invite you to not just walk, but to feel, experience, and embrace the world with every step. Rediscover freedom. Rediscover bliss.

Before Barestep
"My feet are aching"
"My movement feels unnatural"
"My feet aren't just hurting, my whole lower body is!"
"My toes feel so squashed and trapped"
"I can't even walk a kilometer without the pain setting in"
After Barestep
"I forget I'm even wearing shoes"
"It's like being barefoot with a protective layer"
"The strain has been removed from my kees and lower back"
"It feels so good and freeing to spread my toes"
"I can finally be more active again"